DestiMED Project – Mediterranean Ecotourism

My Assignment: direction, videomaking, editing 

Mediterranean Ecotourism Destination: joint planning, monitoring, management and promotion for a governance system in Mediterranean protected areas (DestiMED)

DestiMED believes that ecotourism can be transformed into a genuine alternative for the current tourism challenges facing the Mediterranean while directly supporting conservation of the region’s incredible biodiversity. How? The project was established to provide protected areas and their private sector partners with the tools they need to create transformative travel experiences that generate positive outcomes for local communities, while minimizing the impact of tourism on local, natural and cultural resources…  MORE

All the videos have been produced by WWF Mediterranean in the framework of the DESTIMED project. Dissemination by WWF Mediterranean Programme © 2017

Jeremy Sampson      Communication
Anne Rémy                Concept design and supervision
Catherine Roberts    Translation coordination
Claudia Amico           Creative concept and production
Shooting: Claudia Amico, Lorenzo Catini, Alessandro Zonfrilli