Sustainable Fishing Tourism principles

My Assignment: direction, animation, videomaking



  • n° 1 Animation video 3 minuti – English version
  • n° 5 Video Pills 90 seconds (3 Complete and 2 only Editing)

There’s no single magic solution to the crisis facing small-scale fisheries: action is needed on many fronts to make fisheries sustainable. However, Sustainable Fishing Tourism is an increasing popular activity around the world. Sustainable Fishing Tourism has different names in different countries – Pescaturismo, Pescaturisme, Pêchetourisme, Pesca Vivencial, Experiential Fishing, Ribolovni turizam etc. – but the concept remains the same: it is only intended for professional fishers, allowing the diversification of their activities while continuing their traditional trade. This alternative income stream should reduce the intensity of fishing activities, contribute to sustainable management of fishery resources, and promote the cultural heritage of artisanal fishing…. MORE

All the videos have been produced by WWF Mediterranean Marine Initiative © 2018 

Marina Gomei              Regional Projects Manager
Clémentine Laurent    Project Communications Officer
Claudia Amico              Creative concept and production
Art direction                 Eleonora Pollina
Script                             Evan Jeffries
Voice                              Kevin James Pond

DestiMED Project – Mediterranean Ecotourism

My Assignment: direction, videomaking, editing 

Mediterranean Ecotourism Destination: joint planning, monitoring, management and promotion for a governance system in Mediterranean protected areas (DestiMED)

DestiMED believes that ecotourism can be transformed into a genuine alternative for the current tourism challenges facing the Mediterranean while directly supporting conservation of the region’s incredible biodiversity. How? The project was established to provide protected areas and their private sector partners with the tools they need to create transformative travel experiences that generate positive outcomes for local communities, while minimizing the impact of tourism on local, natural and cultural resources…  MORE

All the videos have been produced by WWF Mediterranean in the framework of the DESTIMED project. Dissemination by WWF Mediterranean Programme © 2017

Jeremy Sampson      Communication
Anne Rémy                Concept design and supervision
Catherine Roberts    Translation coordination
Claudia Amico           Creative concept and production
Shooting: Claudia Amico, Lorenzo Catini, Alessandro Zonfrilli

FishMPABlue2 Project

My Assignment: visual support for the FishMPABlue2 web site

Fishing governance in MPAs: potentialities for Blue Economy 2

The FishMPABlue2 project aimed to test a set of governance measures identified as key factors for the successful management of small-scale fisheries within and around Marine Protected Areas (MPA) in the Mediterranean (‘Governance toolkit’) and to assess its ecological, economic and social impact. This ‘Governance toolkit’ has been tested in 11 pilot sites, located in 6 Mediterranean countries (Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, and Spain) in order to assess and quantify its success in achieving expected results in terms of MPA ecological effectiveness, benefits delivered to small scale fisheries and social acceptance of management measures by stakeholders…  MORE

All the videos have been produced by WWF Mediterranean in the framework of the FishMPABlue2 project. Dissemination by WWF Mediterranean Programme © 2018

Anne Rémy                Concept design and supervision
Catherine Roberts    Translation coordination
Claudia Amico           Creative concept and production
Eleonora Pollina        Animation
Shooting: Boris Oresic, Darko Mihalic, Cristina Mastrandrea, Claudia Amico, Bruno Martin.
Acknowledgments: Magali Mabari (MedPAN), Dimitriadis Charalampos (National Marine Park of Zakynthos), Petra Boic Petrac (WWF Adria), Victor Decugis (Fisheries Reserve of Cap Roux).

FAO/GFCM, SoMFi Report – 2018

My Assignment: Director - Filmmaking - Editing - Post Production


SoMFi – The State of Mediterranean and Black Sea fisheries 2018

General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM)
FAO headquarters Rome on 10-14 December 2018

  • n 1 Video Report – English version

Although the main commercial fish species in the Mediterranean and Black Sea are still over-fished, pressure has reduced over the past years, raising hopes – for the first time – for the recovery of fish stocks, according to new FAO- GFCM report launched today. The percentage of overexploited fish stocks decreased by 10 percent – from 88 percent in 2014 to 78 percent in 2016.
MORE. Edited by FAO/GFCM©2018


FAO/GFCM What is fishing to the people?

My Assignment: Director - Filmmaking - Editing - Post Production

EU promotes sustainable fisheries in the Mediterranean at high-level conference on MedFish4Ever initiatives

General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM)
Marrakech, Morocco, 11-12 June 2019

  • n 1 Opening Pre Conference 5 minutes – English and French versions
  • n 3 Video for the launch of the Conference
  • During the conference: interviews, video-clips for Social Media, photos of the event

Countries and stakeholders with vested interest in the sustainability of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea and their fisheries were called together to assess progress made towards the implementation of the Malta MedFish4Ever Declaration and to renew commitments towards achieving the targets therein. A special focus was placed on social development for small-scale fisheries, decent work and the celebration of the international day for the fight against IUU fishing. MORE. Edited by FAO/GFCM©2019


WWF Stop Nature Crime

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Illegal wildlife trade has exploded to meet increasing demand for elephant ivory, rhino horns, and tiger products, particularly in Asia. Controlled by dangerous crime syndicates, wildlife is trafficked much like drugs or weapons. Wildlife criminals often operate with impunity, making the trade a low-risk/high-profit business. Today, it is the fifth most profitable illicit trade in the world, estimated at up to $10 billion annually… MORE. Edited by WWF Italy©2015