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ITALY, Lampedusa.

I have worked on a variety of projects for different production companies, independent and national television stations in Italy as writer, director, producer and executive producer.

Although I have enjoyed each of these experiences, mostly because of the diversity of issues and the professional challenge they have represented. In 1995 I began to work for UNICEF and WWF as a regular contributor and I can say that I have found my true calling.

The people involved in the projects, their enthusiasm and their unprejudiced approach of life make me feel truly committed to the agency’s mission.

The possibility to “translate” the great variety of stories behind the facts and figures that crowd newspapers and official reports into pictures is one of the most satisfactory aspects of my career as a videomaker.

The Mediterranean

In the last few years my focus on the Mediterranean sea brought me in many MPAs (Marine Protected Areas) to follow every aspect of their management.

I’m working with all the steckholders involved in order to strengthen their efforts to protect both marine ecosystems and their communities.

My collaboration with the WWF Mediterranean Initiative Project and with the FAO/GFCM (General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean) has enhance my knowledge in the marine issues and how to handle the matter.

ITALY, Rome with Dose and Presta (RAI RADIO2)
KIRGHIZISTAN with Doris Messina, Paola Saluzzi and Patrizia Paternò
INDONESIA, Banda Anceh with Alessio Boni after the tsunami